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    MW3 Best Strategy


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    MW3 Best Strategy Empty MW3 Best Strategy

    Post by FnR on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:47 pm

    Hello guys,

    SO lately i discovered one strategy for MW3 that is working really good for me
    This strategy will work 100% perfectly if you know how to use UAV really good, and if you can watch the screen and take a look at the UAV every 2 seconds.

    so the strategy is to have only assault and only UAV, while using hardline pro...
    In this way, u will get a UAV every 2 kills, so u will actually have an unlimited amount of UAVs
    if you like to move around the map, the UAV will show u if anyone is at your back, or if anyone is going to show up infront of you.
    if you like to stay in a small place, moving around a point, covering it, then the UAV will show you if anyone is coming from any side to your position.
    then if you like to camp, then u can camp somewhere where noone can see u, the UAV will tell u if any danger is near, then u get up and kill the guy then lay down again, when that guy will come to kill u again, u can be faster as u will know where he is, and just kill him...

    i wish you try it, and it works for u, thanks for reading...

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