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    Online Games No Download


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    Online Games No Download Empty Online Games No Download

    Post by FnR Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:02 pm

    Hello everyone, today i got you some of the best and famous online games that doesn't need any downloading, this type of games are called "browser games".

    1. so first we start with the most popular strategy browser game: Travian

    Online Games No Download Travian-logo

    Online Games No Download Travian-logo-2007

    Online Games No Download Travian_village

    This game is really good for people who like strategy, with less action games.
    It is all about creating your small village, building storage, getting resources, building an army and then attacking other villages.

    The main two problems in this game are:
    i.when you start building anything, at the first levels it will take about 1 to 5 minutes, but as the level increases, u will have to wait more, for example to upgrade a building from level 7 to level 8, you will have to wait about 1 to 7 hours.
    ii.when you start the game, you will have protection given by the game so you will have enough time to build your defenses, but the problem is that other plays might have been playing since a year or tho, they will be having huge armies and as you are a started, they will attack you. Mostly one really good guy will attack you about everyday, until you get sick of him stealing your stuff and destroying your village and then you will probably quit (unless you are really good in strategies)

    The point is, if you have time, and you are really good in creating and leading your army, and you are good in strategies and these stuff, then you will survive.

    Link to game: Travian

    2. Now we will speak about the amazing Vampires and Werewolves game: BiteFight

    Online Games No Download Home_splash

    Online Games No Download Bite-Fight

    Online Games No Download Bitefight_screen06

    This game is great, you choose to be a vampire or a werewolf, you can go hunt humans, fight vampires and the best thing is joining a clan, you and your clan can go against some other clans to win stuff and XP. You will level-up get better weapons, increase your strength and stuff like that.

    the main two problems in this game are:
    i. many good things require you to pay with real money (real-life money) which many of us can't do. and this kinda limits your features if you don't pay.
    ii. some stuff are also really expensive, you will have to fight 10 vampires or attach many humans to get enough money just to buy a weapon that is 4 or 5 points better that your current one. (esp when your level is high)

    The point here is, if you can afford or can pay real money for the game, you will level up and have less limits on the actions and features of your game, and can buy weapons easier and faster.

    Game link: BiteFight

    3. Finally, the exciting online zombie mmo game: Dead Frontier

    Online Games No Download Dead-frontier

    Online Games No Download Dead-frontier-7

    Online Games No Download Screenshot2

    This game is one of the best in my opinion, and it is really good for people who are into killing zombies, and action games, as it got more action that the other two mentioned above. you will born in a city in the after world, where zombies have killed many people, you will have to get out of the city to kill zombies and to finish quests. and then you will level-up, get better weapons, help people and make friends to fight the big zombie bosses together.

    The main problem in this game is:
    There are many quests and many zombies that are really hard to kill, these may come at the low levels, so you will have to just run away from the big zombie and keep shooting at it for more than 5 minutes for it to die, this will take too much time, maybe will kill you, and ofc so much ammo. but it will give you a good rewards.

    Game Link: Dead Frontier

    I wish you enjoy these games, and the best thing about these is that you don't need too much time to start playing, just sign up and fun begins.

    Thanks Very Happy

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