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    COD MW3 Best weapons


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    COD MW3 Best weapons Empty COD MW3 Best weapons

    Post by FnR on Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:16 am

    Hello, today i will tell you, the best weapons you can find in MW3, the good points, the bad points, and other information about the weapon.

    First, i will start with my personal favorite:
    Its the M4A1...

    COD MW3 Best weapons Mw3__m4a1_by_fpsrussia123-d4kxjgb

    COD MW3 Best weapons M4A1_Grenade_Launcher_MW3


    - It's in the assault rifles class
    - it got 30 rounds (without extended mag)
    - It will be unlocked at the beginning, right after you unlock the "Create A Class"
    Advantages (according to assault rifles):
    - It's a fast weapon.
    - Low to moderate recoil.
    - High damage for close ranges (kills in three hits to body).
    - Fast Reloading.
    - Low damage for far enemies and at range.
    - Because of the fast fire range, you may run out of ammo in a short time.
    What to do to make it better:
    - Use the "Stalker"
    - Use the "Scavenger"
    - Use Extended mag
    Extra: I usually have a "double attachment" and get the red dot sight.

    Now i will tell you about....

    the "PP90M1"....

    COD MW3 Best weapons PP90M1_Menu_Icon_MW3

    COD MW3 Best weapons 640px-PP90M1_Multicam_MW3


    - It's in the sub-machine gun class.
    - It got 36 rounds. (without extended mag).
    - it will be unlocked at level 28.

    - Very high fire rate
    - Very good for short to medium range firing
    - It has a low recoil.
    - long reloading time.
    What to do to make it better:
    - Use the "Sleight of Hand"
    - Use the "double attachment"
    - use "Rapid Fire" and "red dot sight"

    The best sniper in my opinion is....

    The "MSR" ....

    COD MW3 Best weapons MSR_CaC_MW3

    COD MW3 Best weapons 580px-MSR_Gold_MW3


    - It's in the Sniper Rifle class.
    - it got 5 round (without extended mag).
    - it will be unlocked at level 66.
    - it's bolt action.

    - Fast reloading
    - good mobility

    - kinda low fire rate.
    - high level to unlock (level 66)

    What to do to make it better:
    - Use "Sleight of Hand"
    - Use "Quick draw"

    Thanks for reading, more weapons in part 2... coming soon.

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