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    Who Are Teenagers?


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    Who Are Teenagers?

    Post by FnR on Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:23 pm

    Who Are Teenagers…

    Nowadays, different people has different opinions, tastes, and take different decisions. But generally looking, who are teenagers?
    As there are different categories of people, how can we decide, that this is our current generation.

    Some teens like rap and hip-hop, these are the “CooL” people, probably like Eminem, Lil-wayne and Pitbull. Usually most of these people actually get a rapping experience by listening to these rappers, so you will find an Eminem fan can rhyme words easier than any other average person. These people will be talking in short forms, wired ways, and using some weird handshakes when they meet. Probably doesn’t care about politics, unless their favorite rapper writes a rap about politics.

    However, many teens especially females like people like Justin beiber and one direction. These are the obsessed people, you will find them all around that person they like, if they like justin beiber, for example, you will find their facebook pictures all about justin beiber, their statuses mostly will be “OMG JUSTIN IS ON TV!!!” and they may even change there name for example, Derpy derp will change her name to Derpy bieber. These will be using some weird things while talking, like “YAY” “OMGIEEE” and when frustrated “FML”. They care about nothing and think about nothing other that their so called “love” (favorite singer) and keep dreaming about him coming and asking them for marriage. Simply they will be wasting their life, and earth’s oxygen for a guy who probably never knew them…

    Then comes, these romantic, loving, and friendly people. Probably listen to slow songs and kind of sad ones. They find a person, and they never leave, it will either turn to be a really good and sweet relationship, or it will turn out to be a suckish, life-destroying for this person, especially when the other person ignore, or reject their relationship. At that time, these people will spend nights crying… their facebook or twitter will be full of these “I wish I died before u leave me” - “life is good if u share it with someone, but it is not life when you are alone” - “am dead walking without you”. Probably never thought about anything but the one they love and the things they have in common, for example if they both kinda like playing video games, they will give too much attention to video-games, until they will be obsessed with video-games more than the one they love and that will probably be the end of the relationship.

    On the other hand, there are these tough people, guys and girls. Act strong all the time, make fun of relationships, listen to random music, especially strong songs, and some dance songs, but never justin beiber, one-direction or sad and slow songs. These people doesn’t have many friend most of the time, as they make fun of the way a “rap guy” talks, says bad stuff about “justin beiber and one-direction” infron of their fans, and make “sad and romantic people” feel stupid. Mostly can’t make friends with their selves, meaning that 2 tough people can’t be friends, as they both have to be the toughest and the most “making fun of people” people, and if they are alone, they will start making fun of each other, then they will act tough and probably a fight wil happen. Their life is pretty empty, probably watches cartoons, series like “Hawaii-Five-O” and such things.

    After the rise of computers and video-games, we got some new category growing, they are called “the Geeks”. These are people obsessed with video-games already, or computer stuff. Probably plays 2 to 6 online video-games, have 1 or 2 consoles other than a gaming PC. They have only friends that they get from gaming, people who play they same game. Mostly anti-social, never goes out of the house. Knows nothing about politics, or anything that is happening in the outer world. Gets surprised when they gorw to have responsibilities, job and a family. Probably have once tried hard to hack or be a hacker…many failed but some found the gate of hacking and became professionals, these people are the lucky ones, as they can have a job by hacking pretty easily.

    Although, we have the nerds, these get bullied, humiliated, and made fun of. But after all, they study the most, have the best grades even though with only less friends who are probably nerds too. They mostly love once or twice in the whole teenage stage, but didn’t have courage to talk to the girl they like. Knows so many things about the world and the life, probably knows politics and sports and they will be organized in a way that they will have an hour or two of each day to surf internet and watch good channels for extra information. In the future, these are the most successful people, as they worked hard and got the best grades.

    Finally, the party animals, these are many nowadays, no specific music, listen to trance, techno, dupstep, dance and many other party songs. These people make many friends, they party 7 times a week, every night. Most of them is alcoholic, probably have sex every party or once every two parties if they have bad luck.

    So the question is, which of these are teenagers, we can’t say that our teenagers cry all night over their love, and party every night in the same time… I will leave that for you, tell me your opinion about who are teenagers in a reply below…

    I wish you enjoyed reading my article, I will be glad if you leave some feedbacks in the comments below and if you ain’t registered I wish you register and join our community…

    By:FnR (Nour) Adiga

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