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    Counter Strike 1.6 Server


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    Counter Strike 1.6 Server

    Post by FnR on Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:37 am

    hey ppl wazzup? Smile

    ok i may had never said before bt my favorite game in earth is CS 1.6
    it is like the best FPS game ever
    and i had been playing it frm like 10 years

    and the only way i know to play counter-strike online is to buy it either from internet or CD but you can't play online (at least not easily) if u download from a torrent side

    so 2day i will give u one of my favorite servers:
    1. SGK server, it is so damn cool but the problem is that admins are idiots
    2. it is kinda cool but it ain't working now and idk when it will work again
    3. this one is so cool too but the problem is that you need to download so many things when connecting
    4. this one is not so bad too

    I wish you visit those servers and see me there my name is : FnR-King_Of_Syrian_CS

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