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    Post by FnR on Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:03 pm

    hey guyz clown

    plz plz plz register and post smthin ,lyk a new article, game, song, pic,.....etc anything

    and now:
    i hv da online multiplay game PWI (Perfect World International)

    1st da download link:
    ( u can't c da link if u don't register)

    2nd abt da game

    i. main screen:

    1. click here to start da game

    2. downloading (only when downloading patch) u can't play until it finish and first tym it may take abt 5min

    3. news abt da game

    4. sm settings and options

    ii. in game:

    1. HP (health points), MP (magic points), EXP and level

    2. information abt da select monster or player

    3. tym

    4. mini-map

    5. Quests information

    6. broken equpi

    7. abilities

    8. chatting and fightin information

    9. sm options

    10. genie information

    in this game u have 2 fight monsters, fight people, manufacture things (like weapons, armors ...etc), have friends, complete quests
    also there is some strong monsters which u can't kill alone, so u can make a squad with ur friends or any1 else and fight together this monster and when it is dead, u all will share exp, coin and other drops.

    from level 1 ~ 10 it is good
    from level 11 ~ 16 it becomes boring
    but from level 20 ~ 200 it is so interesting as u have to fight a boss which has his own monsters and there will be fight between people for owning the land

    this is nt every thing abt da game download it and play it cuz it is interesting
    if u join the game tell me so i can help u

    (Note: the article waz written and da pics were taken by :FnR Adiga)

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